Grey’s Anatomy fans should be very happy about that! The first episode of the celebrated doctor series about Meredith Gray and her colleagues flickered across screens around 18 years ago. Meanwhile, many of the popular characters have already retired. Nevertheless, the 19th season of the show is currently running – and it will probably not be the last season for a long time. Producer Shonda Rhimes (53) reveals that there is no end in sight for “Grey’s Anatomy”!

In an interview with E! news the 53-year-old chats about the future of her series. “I might be a very old lady by the time we get to the final season because it doesn’t seem to stop, which is wonderful,” she explains, adding optimistically. “It’s such a great series and it’s going so well as it evolves. We’re going to be a show for as long as everyone wants to be there and as long as the fans want to be there.”

In the current 19th season, leading actress Ellen Pompeo (53) left “Grey’s Anatomy.” How Shonda describes that it was “heartbreaking for everyone”. However, it doesn’t appear to be the definitive series ending for the actress. Across from deadline teased ellen recently announced that they “is not finished with the role of Meredith Grey”.