Anna Ermakova (23) makes the competition look pale! The daughter of ex-tennis star Boris Becker (55) delivers one great performance after the other in this year’s Let’s Dance season. In the last show it rained 30 points again for the beauty – the jury around Joachim Llambi (58), Motsi Mabuse (42) and Jorge Gonzalez (55) flashed again and again. Even today, the model knocks everyone off their feet!

Together with her dance partner Valentin Lusin (36) enthusiastic ann with a slow waltz – the two literally floated across the floor. The jury moved this performance to tears. “That was probably the best waltz since the show started”, explained Motsi. The otherwise rather strict Llambi could only agree. “You’ve been world class every night so far […] You’re so far away and you deliver every week – that’s sensational.” In the end, the Briton got her well-deserved 30 points.

Even Renata Lusin (35) could hardly stop being amazed in the audience – and seemed visibly touched. About her husband’s dance partner valentine found the 35-year-old Instagram a few weeks ago only words of praise. “Anna, you are such a busy bee with a huge heart”she had gushed.