Anna Ermakova (23) is in the fast lane at Let’s Dance! The daughter of ex-tennis player Boris Becker (55) fights for victory with her show partner Valentin Lusin (36) in the popular dance show. In recent programs, she has often inspired the jury around Motsi Mabuse (41), Jorge Gonzalez (55) and Joachim Llambi (58). Also charmed with her quickstep ann the jury – they got full marks!

In the current “Let’s Dance” episode ann and valentine to the song “Anything Goes” a quick step onto the floor. With the brisk Broadway-style choreography, the two skinned Motsi, Jorge and Llambi totally off the stool. Overall, the couple received a whopping 30 points from the jury – the maximum number of points! “For me, there hasn’t been a better quickstep in the history of ‘Let’s Dance’!”gushed Motsi in the highest tones.

Fired in the TV studio ann also a very special fan – namely her mother Angela Ermakova! The 55-year-old proudly clapped and cheered for her daughter after her superb performance. At the end she gave the candidate a loving hug.