Sarafina Wollny (28) will soon be able to hold her third baby in her arms! After the birth of her twins Emory (2) and Casey (2) in the summer of 2021, she is pregnant again: TV fame and her husband Peter (30) are already looking forward to their third miracle. But the twins are also ready to finally become big brothers. It won’t be long before the birth either, because the influencer is already in the 30th week of pregnancy: now shows sarafina her round baby bump in the net.

In your Instagram-Story she now proudly presents her grown midsection in the mirror: In a skintight green dress brings sarafina shows off her belly perfectly – and it’s really something to be proud of! The soon-to-be mother of three lovingly caresses her ball in the short clip and marks her sweetheart Peter.

Although sarafina has already gained a lot on the stomach, this is not reflected in her weight. Just a few days ago, she revealed that she had only gained 1.5 kilograms during her pregnancy. “I haven’t committed myself,” the 28-year-old clarifies to the doubting fans.