The GZSZ fans can look forward to a new face! There is a lot of coming and going at the Daily. But in the past few weeks there has been reason to be happy: After Niklas Osterloh (34), Nina Ensmann and Timur Ülker (33) extended their contracts, it was announced that Lara Dandelion Seibert GZSZ will stir up properly. Now there is another addition: From June will Laura Lippman as Nicole Berger GZSZ be visible!

That reports now RTL: The 33-year-old can be seen for the first time in episode 7,783, which will be broadcast on June 9th, 2023 at 7:40 p.m. So revealed laura already in an interview what she is particularly looking forward to: “To the great new colleagues in front of and behind the camera and to telling Nicole Berger’s story.” However, she has not yet revealed much about her new role – but she teased: “Nicole will fall in love with shock!”

With laura viewers can look forward to an experienced actress: “Before GZSZ I did a lot of theater and also filmed. For example, last year I was seen in the ZDF feature film ‘You shall hear’ and also in Tatort Leipzig, ‘Soko Wismar’, In aller Hoffnung and ‘Soko Leipzig’, among others.” For your GZSZThe Leipzig native even moved the role, as she also revealed: “But that was okay for me because I have family and friends in Potsdam and Berlin.”