Tonight it’s about the title “Dancing Star 2023”! The time has finally come: the grand finale of this year’s Let’s Dance season is upon us. In the race for the pot there are now only three celebrities with their dance professionals. Tonight, the star professional duos will dance a total of three dances for victory: the jury dance, the favorite dance and a freestyle! But the dancing couples don’t just have to convince the jury. celebrity flash let you vote: This “Let’s Dance” duo should win tonight!

It has never been so close! A total of 6,434 readers attended the celebrity flash-Participate in the survey [Stand 19. Mai, 17:20 Uhr] and voted on who should be named “Dancing Star 2023” tonight. 2,861 people and thus 44.5 percent want Anna Ermakova (23) and Valentin Lusin (36) to win. 50 people fewer and thus 43.7 percent voted against Julia Beautx (24) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35)! For Philipp Boy (35) and Patricija Ionel (28), however, it could be a little tight with 762 votes and thus 11.8 percent.

For today’s freestyle, the celebrity-pro duos have come up with a lot! while at Julia and Zsolt everything is under the motto “Barbie and Ken”, dance Philip and Patricija to the Disney film “Frozen”. ann and valentine plan to sweep across the dance floor to the theme “Alice in Wonderland”.