Alice, Darling is an intense blend of dark suspense and character drama. The FSK 16 title will soon be available in Germany for home cinema. Watch the trailer and decide if you want to take the star-studded movie home with you.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022 and was released in US cinemas in January this year. In Germany “Alice honeynow on Blu-ray and DVD April 14, 2023. Both formats can already be pre-ordered from online providers such as Amazon.

“Alice, Darling” on Amazon*

Alice, Darling is the feature film directorial debut of actress Mary Nighy (“Marie Antoinette”), daughter of Love Actually star Bill Nighy. Her production is based on a screenplay by Alanna Francis (“The Rest Of Us”).

The title role was played by Anna Kendrick, who is mainly used in such comedies as “Up In The Air” or the series “Pitch Perfect”. In tough thrillers like “The Accountant” or “End Of Watch” she was able to prove her talent for serious subjects just as impressively.

The main roles alongside Kendrick are embodied by Wunmi Mosaku (“Call Jane”, “Loki”), Kaniehtiio Horn (“Possessor”) and Charlie Carrick from the historical series “Reign”.

“Alice, Darling”: This is the story of the psychological thriller

Alice (Anna Kendrick) is a young woman in a toxic relationship with the manipulative Simon (Charlie Carrick). He controls you physically, but especially mentally. Alice has two very good friends with Sophie (Wunmi Mosaku) and Tess (Kaniehtiio Horn). But even for them, she plays an intact private life with Simon.

When Tess invites the other two women to stay at her family’s cabin for a week to celebrate her 30th birthday, Alice initially refuses. But then she gathers all her courage, cheats Simon and goes on a journey. Arriving in peace and nature, Tess and Sophie finally realize that their friend must have real problems at home.

At first Alice denies everything out of shame. Moments later, however, she confesses why she has been acting so nervous and anxious for a while. With her friends promising her support, Alice feels like a heavy weight has been lifted from her shoulders. Suddenly Simon appears at the hut…

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