Have you ever been to a place that actually looks innocent, but where you were sure something was wrong there? The protagonists of “The Fearway” feel the same way in the trailer for the thriller.

“The Fearway” presents a scenario that not only reminds us of films such as Steven Spielberg’s early works “Duel”, “Jeepers Creepers” and “Reeker”, but also in an episode of “Black Mirror” or his classic role models “The Twilight “. Zone”. ‘ and ‘The Outer Limits’. There is no real explanation for the strange events at first – the two main characters, as well as the viewers, have to figure it out for themselves during the season. If they survive this…

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In the production country, the US, the thriller immediately started as video-on-demand at the beginning of February 2023. In Germany, “The Fearway” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 28, 2023. An FSK-18 approval has been applied for. Both formats can already be pre-ordered from online providers such as Amazon.

That’s what “The Fearway” is about

Michael (Justin Gordon) and Sarah (Shannon Dalonzo) are deeply in love. To spend some time together, the two lovebirds travel in their car through the scorching heat of the American Southwest. Full of enthusiasm, they talk about their upcoming wedding and imagine how beautiful their married life will be.

They don’t even realize that they are apparently the only ones traveling this remote part of the desert highway. Suddenly they feel a dull thump, like a blow. They immediately stop the engine and get out to see what happened. But the couple finds no damage to their car. Also on the street – apart from a small ice surface! – nothing to see.

So the two continue their journey until a black sports car appears out of nowhere behind them and stares awkwardly repeatedly. Sarah and Michael get scared and soon turn into a resting place. The locals staying there are friendly, but seem strange somehow. And why, despite the late hour, did it not long ago get dark outside?

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The Freeway is directed by Robert Gajic. After a few short films, the Californian directed his first feature here. He previously worked as an editor-in-chief for films such as “Lucky”, “Love Hurts” or “Once Upon A Time At Christmas”. The idea and screenplay for the film come from Noah Bessey (“The United States Of Horror”).

With Justin Gordon (Before I Wake, Occulus) and Shannon Dalonzo from If She Screams. Other roles include Simon Phillips of “Dinfluencer”, Eileen Dietz (“Dead Next Door”) as well as John D. Hickman (“Becky”) and Briahn Auguillard.

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