One victim, Whitehead, lived in an apartment in Rockdale County, Georgia. On the night of Thursday, April 14, 1983, Donald Glen Everett came to her home and knocked on the door of her Rockdale County apartment.

He told her that she had received a call from her fiancé in a pay phone nearby. She was excited to talk and went for a moment without thinking.

However, due to a shocking turn of events, she never returned home. The next morning, Cathay’s mother went looking for her in the nearby areas.

Later, her mother found her abandoned car next to the phone booth and saw that Whitehead’s car door was open and the keys were missing.

The authorities had been investigating the disappearance of Caty Whitehead for a long time.

A year later, detectives arrested Donald Glen Everett when police discovered he had spoken to others about Cathy and her disappearance.

Authorities were directed to an abandoned well in Gwinnett County. They recovered decomposed and badly burned human remains, clothing and a blue blanket.

Although the body was severely burned and heavily decomposed, the remains of a part were recovered from the pit.

Some clothing and a blue blanket were also taken away. The exact cause of death could not be determined due to the decomposition of the remains, but the ending was determined to be a homicide.

Although an autopsy was impossible, the police determined that the human remains and the objects belonged to Cathy.

Moreover, the authorities even confirmed that the manner of death was murder.

Later, Donald confessed to his involvement in Cathy’s murder when investigators inquired about the murder.

He also confessed that his girlfriend, Tina Short, her mother, Hazel, and Hazel’s cousin, Nickie Ford, were also involved with him in the Whitehead murder case.

Later, the police managed to arrest them as suspects during the investigation. Still, Hazel denied all the allegations against her and after asking for a lawyer, she decided to confess everything.

Hazel also revealed that when they kidnapped Cathy, Tine was driving the car and Nickie was in the passenger seat.

She was then stabbed in the arm and locked in the trunk of a vehicle before being moved to an abandoned car in Gwinnett County.

The perpetrators then burned the victim before strangling her and throwing her into a well. With a full confession, the police made their arrests and brought closure to the victim’s family.

Confession of the criminals – Where are they now?

Once brought to court, Donald testified and claimed that he was only involved in luring the victim out of her home and then disposing of the body.

On the other hand, Hazel did not testify, but her statement was read to the jury. Ultimately, Donald Everett pleaded guilty to kidnapping and was sentenced to life in prison in 1986.

On the other hand, Hazel Louise Short was convicted of kidnapping with bodily harm and murder, earning her two consecutive life sentences.

According to the show, Donald and Hazel are currently out of prison, with Donald receiving parole in 1993 while Hazel was released in 2018.

Since Hazel’s release, she lives a private life and prefers to avoid the public eye. With a limited social media presence and no recent posts about her life, her current whereabouts remain unclear.

Meanwhile, Donald seems to be in a happy marriage and lives in Covington, Georgia, with his wife and two children.