What is the current status of Johnny Depp (59) and Amber Heard (36)? The former spouses had a veritable mud fight in court last year. Frightening details came to light. Both parties accused each other of violence and other crimes. In the end, the actress was ordered to pay almost 10 million euros in damages. It is now the first anniversary of the start of the trial. How have the two fared since then?

After the verdict johnny is focused on work, according to an insider close to the actor People. He went on tour with Jeff Beck (✝78) and was in front of the camera for the upcoming film “Jeanne Du Barry”. He is currently enjoying a reclusive life in the rural English county of Somerset. “Johnny has lived in Europe since the trial. He has been dating, but he has no girlfriend,” the insider also revealed.

ambergris on the other hand, since her trial defeat, she has devoted herself less to work and all the more to raising her two-year-old daughter. “She spends every day with her girl. They walk around, visit parks and enjoy family time”, said a source. The 36-year-old also currently lives in Europe.

Source: celebtap.com