Loreen Schenke was really that bad! Together with three other couples, the beauty and her boyfriend Adam proved their loyalty in the ultimate Temptation Island test. During the notorious campfire, the women who had been assigned could already see what their partners were doing in the men’s villa – except for Loreen. The uncertainty of not knowing what her boyfriend is doing with the single ladies seems to be getting to the 22-year-old: During a group date, she fled crying. Across from celebrity flash Loreen now explained her emotional outburst…

“The moment I left the yoga date, 1000 things suddenly went through my head. You don’t know how your partner is doing, whether he’s thinking about you or maybe he’s already forgotten me. You suddenly catch it to doubt whether the relationship is really that strong”the former Ex on the Beach contestant explained in the celebrity flash-Interview. Loreen was unsettled by the fact that she hadn’t seen any pictures of her loved one for five days: “You don’t know if I didn’t get any pictures because Adam might have done something bad […]. I had such a mental cinema and then just couldn’t hold back my tears.”

Back in the women’s villa, however, the reality star felt in good hands, as did Loreen celebrity flash revealed: “The single men always take great care of me, are always there for me […]. Just like the girls, we’re a great team and we’re always there for each other.”

Source: celebtap.com