Is she already a surrogate mom? Julian Claßen (29) and his wife Bibi (30) separated about a year ago. A few months later, the YouTuber met his new girlfriend Tanja Makarić (25) – they have been inseparable ever since. The swimmer also lovingly takes care of his two children Lio (4) and Emily (3). But how do Julian’s kids actually call Tanja?

Fans of the two now wanted to take part in a question and answer session Instagram know what Emmi and Lio call their dad’s new girlfriend – after all, she already lives with them. “Tanya or Tanni”, the influencer replied briefly and concisely. “Mama” is therefore probably still reserved for her mother Bibi.

So far, her fans have had to wait in vain for signs of life from Bibi. A few weeks after the separation of the web couple, the influencer withdrew from the public. Bibi didn’t get back to her daughter Emily’s birthday a few days ago either.