What will the second daughter of Anna Maria Damm (26) be called? After her daughter Eliana, she is currently expecting the second child with her fiancé Julian Gutjahr (26). This time the influencer will again give birth to a girl. She is now in the eighth month – and the name of the little ones is also certain: she teased him with “Baby K” on the Internet. And now shines ann Maria’s friend Catherine Palme accidentally giving out the whole name!

ann Maria is celebrating the baby shower for her second daughter today – and of course her good friend is also there Catherine. The shows on the way to the party in her Instagram-Story quickly the gift for the unborn child – including a decorative object for the future children’s room. Attentive Promiflash readers will notice that the name Kaia can also be read on it. Will be something like that ann name Maria’s daughter? Noticed shortly thereafter Catherine the error already and deletes the picture again.

But it certainly won’t be long before that ann Maria confirmed the name herself – after all, she’s not holding back on details about her pregnancy. Most recently, she had complained of coccyx pain. She also said she didn’t care if she had a natural birth or a caesarean.

Source: celebtap.com