Could Jill Lange (22) and Lars Maucher (26) be right? The reality TV stars met and left the show together last season of Ex on the Beach. On Tuesday, the show goes into the fourth round with a new line-up of ex-partners. Among others, Paulina Ljubas (26), Carina Nl, and Yasin Mohamed (31) will meet their exes on the beach. celebrity flash wanted from jill and Lars know between which former couples it could crack.

In the celebrity flashinterview, the two agreed: “We are sure that between Yasin and Pauline the scraps will fly, as you have already seen in the trailer, not everything has been clarified yet. Yasin is just a go-getter and we believe that not everything has gone right in the relationship.” But not only these two could get into each other’s hair. “We also suspect that between Carina and Sasa’s rags will fly. Since Vanessa is most likely moving in, there will be a lot of jealousy again, like there was with Are You The One?” jill and Lars.

The 22-year-old and her lover are also convinced that there could be new romances. “We don’t think that old love will be rekindled there, but we are sure that others will fall in love there and new relationships will be formed.”they explained to each other celebrity flash.