Charlie Heaton, 29, and Natalia Dyer, 26, defy breakup rumors! The two actors met and fell in love while filming the hit series Stranger Things. But since June last year, the two have not been seen together for a long time. Fans therefore seemed to suspect a separation. But the speculation is unfounded: That charlie and Natalia are still happy together, they proved now – on the red carpet!

As the current pictures from the red carpet make clear, the 29-year-old and his sweetheart are still very happy with each other: visited together charlie and Natalia an event in New York. For the red carpet appearance, the Briton chose a black jacket, which he combined with matching trousers and dress shoes. Natalia however, she shone in a black maxi skirt and a blazer with floral appliqués.

That the public interest in their relationship is so great could Natalia hardly understandable in the past. “I’m always curious as to why the topic comes up. Why are people so keen to know?”the 26-year-old explained last year Cosmopolitan UK. If Natalia and charlie that’s why you largely refrained from joint appearances as a couple?