Is he behind bars? The American comedian and actor Pete Davidson (29) often makes headlines. The star recently scared his fans when he and his girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders (27) raced through a strange garden and into a house in the car. But the two seemed lucky in their misfortune, because no one was injured in the bizarre car accident. Now there is first information about what punishment Pete has to reckon with.

A law enforcement source revealed TMZthat the Beverly Hills Police Department recently completed the investigation. The case was then referred to the LA County Attorney’s Office. There it should be decided whether the comedian will be charged with the accident. Although Pete was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he was still driving well above the speed limit.

The owners of the destroyed house recently commented on the accident. The master of the house was at home with his 16-year-old daughter that evening when Pete raced into the house at full speed. The impact was so loud that his daughter assumed an earthquake. In addition, the comedian’s vehicle broke through the outside wall of the living room.