Dolph Lundgren (65) struggled for years. In Hollywood, the native Swede is best known as an actor in action films. He played in the “Rocky” films and in the series “The Expendables”. But things are also going well privately: in 2020 he got engaged to his partner, who was 38 years his junior Emma Krokdal. But now he makes a tragic revelation: Dolph fought a stubborn cancer for eight years.

in the show “In Depht with Graham Bensinger” speaks Dolph now for the first time about his illness. In 2015 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and then had to undergo a long difficult procedure. But it was only when the doctors discovered new tumors a few years later that they realized how seriously ill he was. “It was at that point that I realized it was something serious”, says the 65-year-old. And the therapy and the side effects weren’t just difficult for him: “It wasn’t very nice for me and my poor fiancee, who suffered from it.”

Dolphs The illness was probably so bad that the doctors assessed his chances of survival as very low. And this made him think: “You look at your life and you say, ‘I’ve had a great life.'” In 2022, however, the tumors had shrunk by 90 percent thanks to the drugs. The scar tissue is currently being removed.