• The recently released Bruce Willis Speaks video, which shows the actor celebrating his birthday with family, has received mixed reactions from fans.
  • Demi shared the video of a family party in honor of Bruce’s birthday on Instagram on Sunday
  • Bruce Willis, the iconic actor known for his roles in Die Hard, The Sixth Sense and Armageddon, recently spoke about being diagnosed with dementia on his 68th birthday.
  • He seemed to be in a positive mood as he sang a few lines of the song, talked to other attendees, and extinguished the candles on his birthday cake.

The recently released Bruce Willis Speaks video, which shows the actor celebrating his birthday with family, has received mixed reactions from fans.

To celebrate Bruce’s milestone, his daughter Demi posted a cute video to Instagram of the family joyfully singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

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In the post, Demi showed her appreciation to everyone for their love and warm wishes. A few days earlier, Bruce had bravely opened up about being diagnosed with dementia. Still, thanks to the positive support of his loved ones and fans, he ended his birthday celebration much more cheerfully.

After everything Bruce has accomplished, it is wonderful to witness this moment of special bonding in honor of his hard-won life.

As the group kicked off with a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” the Die Hard actor was cheerful and likeable. He entertained his guests, sang a few lines himself and blew out the candles that adorned his birthday cake.

During this celebratory moment, onlookers noticed his enthusiasm as he spread some gestures with his hands; at one point, however, it seemed as if he had momentarily lost his balance. All in all it was an unforgettable way to celebrate another year!

In addition, he stumbled a bit after taking great pains to extinguish the few candles on the cake. The whole family shared a lighthearted moment and Bruce was no exception.

In the video, Willis began by thanking his fans for their birthday wishes and expressing his appreciation for their support over the years.

He then said he wanted to share something personal with them, which revealed that he has been diagnosed with a form of dementia.

The actor acknowledged that the diagnosis was difficult to accept, but said he was doing well and had a great support system.

Fans have expressed their support for the actor on social media, with many sending their well wishes and praising him for speaking out about his health.

While fans were thrilled to see Willis in this capacity, some of his longtime fans expressed concern after noticing a subtle detail in the video.

The actor turned out to be missing one of his front teeth. The reason for this is not clear and it seems unlikely that the family will explain it.

Moore captioned the post with a sweet message, expressing her love for Willis and her gratitude for everyone’s love and warm wishes.

Reaction to the video was a combination of concern and encouragement, with actress Rosario Dawson sending her best wishes and several fans expressing their admiration for Bruce Willis as a person.

One person commented that even the smallest things can matter, especially for someone suffering from frontotemporal dementia. They expressed their joy when they saw Willis bright and engaged during the celebration.

Many others thanked Willis and his family for sharing this intimate moment with them, with some viewers saying they could watch the video repeatedly.

The video is the first time Willis has been seen or heard from since his dementia diagnosis was made public, and it gives fans a glimpse into his current state of health.