Double growth at Unter Uns! There is a lot of coming and going in the popular evening series: just a few days ago, viewers had to say goodbye to Nina Weisz (45). Her role, Corinna Weigel, died a tragic serial death – so the 45-year-old turned her back on the Daily. Now the “Unter Uns” community can look forward to two new faces: Florian Eichhorn and Theresa Traser will stir up Schillerallee from May!

How RTL now reported, the two actresses will appear as mother-daughter duo Nadine Pfeiffer and 16-year-old Ronja. Floriane liked the first few days on the set: “The atmosphere on the set is really good. There’s a lot to shoot here, but it’s still very pleasant […]. I play Nadine Pfeiffer, a 41 year old single mother. Nadine is warm-hearted and down-to-earth – she and her daughter are coming to Cologne to start over. But then a relationship from the past comes to light that Nadine has not yet fully processed“, revealed the 41-year-old.

But her daughter in the series is also enthusiastic about her role: “Ronja bubbles with a healthy dose of self-confidence with ideas, conceptions and plans that she would like to implement. At the same time, however, she is also going through puberty and is struggling with typical teenage problems and the usual mother-daughter discussions. This mixture, together with her charm and quick-wittedness, which she knows how to use well, brings me a lot of joy when playing.” Teresa.