AJ McLean, 45, and Rochelle Deanna McLean, 41, are taking a break from their marriage! The musician started out in the 90s with the boy band Backstreet Boys. In 2001, he publicly admitted to being an alcoholic and went to a rehab clinic. But in the meantime he has found his family happiness: in 2011, after six years of relationship, he married his girlfriend Rochelle. The couple have two daughters together. Now the two are probably going through a marital crisis: AJ and Rochelle announce their temporary split!

Across from TMZ the couple explains: “Marriage is tough but it’s worth it. Together we have decided to separate temporarily to work on ourselves and our marriage in hopes of building a stronger future.” The couple did not give the reason for the temporary separation. Despite all the difficulties, the singer and the make-up artist are apparently looking to the future with confidence: “The plan is to get back together and continue to cultivate our love for each other and for our family.”

AJ It hasn’t always been easy in recent years. In 2018 he reported a relapse and again spoke openly about his alcohol problems: “It’s no secret that it’s a disease that means a daily struggle.” His wife and two children should support him one hundred percent. Nevertheless, it is difficult for him to put himself and his health in the foreground.

Source: celebtap.com