Jamie Oliver (47) and his wife Jools celebrate their love! The British star chef and his sweetheart have been going through life hand in hand for many years. In their 23-year marriage, the two have become parents five times. Now they made it clear again how strong their love is: Jamie and Jools have renewed their vows – and celebrated another dreamlike wedding!

On his Instagram-Profile published jamie all sorts now photos from the romantic ceremony by the sea: In the pics he and Jools pose together with their five children on a small island. “We thought after 23 years it would be a good time to renew our vows before the kids leave the nest”, the restaurateur explained proudly. The celebration was “fun and romantic”.

In addition to the second wedding be for jamie and his Jools with the trip another big dream come true. “We’ve always dreamed of going to the Maldives and it was exactly how we dreamed it would be – just amazing!”the father enthused about the romantic holiday.

Source: celebtap.com