This star faces consequences! Stefan Mross (47) is a German trumpeter and TV presenter. In recent years he has appeared in various television shows, but rarely played the trumpet. Since 2005 he has presented the ARD program “Immer wieder Sundays” live from the Europa-Park in Rust. But due to a fight, Stefan could now be replaced as the host of the family show!

How Picture Now reported, the moderator assaulted a man on May 1, 2022, when he allegedly called him a “Schlagerfuzzi”. Stefan then accept the district court’s penalty order for bodily harm and attempted coercion. Presumably an attempt to prevent the process and public attention. He also did not inform the channel of the ARD broadcast.

Although Stefan had to pay less than 90 daily rates, according to the Leipzig public prosecutor’s office, he has a criminal record. It is questionable whether he is a suitable moderator for a family program in the eyes of the TV station. It is clear that the broadcaster is still waiting for an explanation from the moderator, after all it is about his professional future.