Ina from the YouTube duo Coupleontour gives an insight into her daily routine. The influencer suffered a severe stroke in July last year. After several surgeries, she is on the mend. She can even walk almost completely on her own again and is allowed to go home to her wife Vanessa and daughter Olivia from time to time. She was not allowed to leave the hospital completely. But what does Ina’s everyday life actually look like there?

In your Instagramstory, the 27-year-old showed her daily routine using the example of Monday. At 6:30 a.m. her alarm clock rang. After that she went to the bathroom, followed by getting dressed and cleaning up. Breakfast was at 7:30 a.m. In the morning, measuring vital signs, neuropsychology, and electrotherapy and ergotherapy were on the agenda. After lunch, Ina first had to go to physiotherapy and then to sports therapy. There were also two virtual therapies, including speech therapy. At 8 p.m. she usually reads something or watches an episode of a series. After that she gets ready for bed so she can go to sleep around 10pm.

Ina cannot predict whether one day she will be like she was before the stroke: “This time will change me forever – regardless of what the stroke did to me, this is the hardest time of my life and it will leave a mark on my life.” The event happened and she couldn’t keep quiet about it.