More allegations against Nick Carter (43)! The Backstreet Boys star was charged with sexual assault in December last year. The then 17-year-old Shannon Ruth accused the musician of abusing her after a concert in 2001. Nick then filed a counterclaim. Now, however, more disturbing news made the rounds: Nick is by the singer Melissa Schuman (38) sued for sexual harassment!

That reports now TMZ: The musician claims that Nick forcefully forced her to perform oral sex in 2002 when she was 18 years old. Melissa accused the 43-year-old six years ago – at that time, however, the charges were rejected. Nick himself denies the allegations because Melissa been trying to extort money from him for several years.

Also Nicks Lawyer has already commented on the allegations of abuse against the medium: “Melissa Schuman has peddled this story for many years, but her claim was wrong when she first put it forward in 2017 – and it still is.”the lawyer said in a statement, adding, “A Nevada judge recently, after reviewing the extensive evidence we presented, ruled that it Nick Carter there are good reasons to continue his action against Mrs Schuman, because she Nickwanted to harm, slander and blackmail his partners, friends and family.”