Frank Ocean (35) will not return to the Coachella stage! The “Lost” singer performed at the popular festival last weekend. However, the singer caused a lot of confusion with his performance – after all, he came on stage too late and also hissed off early. It then became known: The musician is said to have had a bicycle accident before his performance, which is why the performance had to be different than planned. Therefore will Frank not on the second Coachella-Perform weekend!

How franks management in a statement on Wednesday TMZ confirmed, will Frank not perform in the Californian desert next weekend. “It is on the advice of the doctor Frank unable to perform second weekend due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg”, the statement said. Blink-182 is rumored to be headlining instead of Frank.

Even if Frank couldn’t let his performance take place as planned, the festival headliner is glad that he went on stage anyway. “It was chaotic. There’s something beautiful about chaos. It’s not what I wanted to show but I enjoyed being out there and we’ll see you again soon.”the 35-year-old tells the magazine.