Spy action continues to be extremely popular in cinemas. And stars like Sebastian Stan, Penélope Cruz & Jessica Chastain anyway. Yet hardly anyone went to the cinema for “The 355”. As of now, you can catch up on Amazon Prime Video.

In fact, everything looked promising for “The 355”: cop action is still very popular in the cinema, not only thanks to “James Bond” and “Mission: Impossible”, and also director Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix” ) also collects an impressive star ensemble for his camera. But it didn’t help: The movie went merciless at the box office, grossing just $27.8 million — with production costs estimated at $40 to $75 million.

Hardly anyone went to the cinema for the action thriller, which was cast in prominent roles up to and including the supporting characters. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription and would like to take a look at the cash register from the comfort of your home without having to put (extra) in your pocket, you will now be presented with the following: The 355 is available now Amazon Prime Video accessible:

“The 355” on Amazon Prime Video*

Sky and WOW users got their money’s worth just a few weeks after the theatrical release. But to anyone streaming on the Amazon platform, we can say the same thing we said to the Sky/WOW audience almost exactly a year ago: “The 355” not only made a financial crash, but unfortunately also falls short on a creative level…

Clichés & Only Reasonable Action: This is “The 355”

This is what the 355 is all about: As a rugged woman at the CIA, Agent Mason Brown (Jessica Chastain, “Interstellar”) is always sent on particularly explosive missions. Her latest assignment revolves around a group of mercenaries who have gotten their hands on a top secret weapon – which she must now find. Should the operation fail, there is a risk of nothing less than a possible World War III.

Brown not only rushes to the mission, but assembles a team of seasoned professionals to avert the ultimate catastrophe, including computer specialist Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”), German spy Marie (Diane Kruger “Inglourious Basterds”) and the Colombian psychologist Graciela (Penélope Cruz, “Volver”) belong to…

After “The Gray Man” on Netflix: Amazon picks up cop thriller with Channing Tatum – from the director of “John Wick”.

The fact that the film, which was released in cinemas on January 6, 2022, was one of the first flops of its year was not due to Corona and the associated closed cinemas (“Spider-Man: No Way Home” started three weeks earlier and was a billion dollar hit), but rather the bad word of mouth. The rumor quickly spread that “The 355” could not offer what you would expect from such a top class ensemble film.

Also in the CELEBTAP review, the film did not do very well. Our author Nikolas Masin only awarded 2 stars out of 5, who criticized the “inherent lack of content of characters and plot” and spoke of a “passable action film”, which, however, gets longer and longer towards the end. The gender reassignment approach is certainly exciting, but ultimately the female agents also find themselves in those clichés that have always defined male-dominated spy cinema. The “only reasonable action” can only compensate for these weaknesses to a limited extent. Then rather “Red Sparrow”:

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