What was going on with Jade Jagger (51)? Mick Jagger’s (79) daughter hit the headlines a few days ago after her arrest became known. The jewelery designer was taken away in handcuffs in Ibiza after attacking several police officers in a restaurant and behaving violently. After some speculation, there are now new details about the incident: Jade was arrested for assault and Co.!

Loud Picturewho has the police file, there were several incidents. The 51-year-old and her boyfriend are said to have defied the authorities and threatened passers-by and police officers. After jades partner, she attacked an officer and scratched her arm. As a drug test confirmed, the couple had consumed cannabis and psychotropic drugs.

After their arrest, the two refused to testify and refused to cooperate. Should be on Saturday jade and her loved one have been handed over to justice, which means they are in the investigative court where a hearing has been scheduled.

Source: celebtap.com