Molly-Mae Hague (23) became a mother for the first time just a few weeks ago. At the end of January, the influencer welcomed her daughter Bambi into the world together with her partner Tommy Fury. Since then, she has given her fans honest insights into her life as a new mom and has also openly reported on the difficulties. Well there Molly Mae zu: With her changed body, she sometimes still struggles after pregnancy!

“When I look in the mirror I don’t hate my body, but I just look completely different. […] My hips are so wide now,” says the 23-year-old in her latest youtube-Video. But it doesn’t really bother you: “It’s okay, I don’t even hate him. I’m learning to love and accept him.” Nevertheless, the British woman would like to pay more attention to her diet again in order to be fitter for her friend’s wedding in eight weeks. But she doesn’t want to stress about it: “I just had a baby and I’m not putting myself under any pressure.”

Shopping trips are probably a bit more difficult for you at the moment Molly Mae. Just recently, after a shopping spree, she was frustrated because her newly bought clothes didn’t fit. “It’s so hard to find anything when you don’t know what size you’re wearing”the beauty explained in her Instagram-Story.