HealthyMandy can’t believe her luck! The sports influencer is having a difficult time. She and her partner FitnessOskar had a son named Rio. However, the little one suffered from an autoimmune disease and died in December 2022. In the months that followed, the web notoriety attempted to have another child through artificial insemination. Now it worked. Mandy proudly announces: She is pregnant!

On Instagram Mandy posted a photo of a positive pregnancy test that she and her partner Oskar are holding in their hands. The grave of her late son Rio can be seen in the background. “We are pregnant”, the two shared with their community. They also remembered Rios. “In loving memory of our little hero and big brother Rio, who as an angel will always take care of his sibling!” It said.

Numerous fans congratulate Mandy and Oskar on their renewed pregnancy. In advance, the blonde already made it clear that another baby should by no means be a replacement for the deceased. It will also not be given the Rio name again. “We wouldn’t name our kid Rio again because Rio was special in its own way”she clarified.