Leyla Lahouar went under the knife! The Frankfurter tried her luck in this year’s season of The Bachelor. She also gave it a lot of gas – but in the end it didn’t go quite as hoped. In episode seven, the dream was over because David Jackson did not give her a rose. The former Ex on the Beach participant wore it with composure. And now she dares a makeover because: leyla got his nose fixed!

“I have my Tunisian dad’s nose. And I’m on social media. The inside camera lets me see even more how crooked it is.”she explains to Picture. She’s been considering getting her nose fixed for years. “I guess I fell off the changing table or something, that’s why it must be so crooked,” she jokes. The cosmetic surgery took place a week after the finale aired.

With the bachelor, it didn’t work out with great love – but it did leyla won’t give up. The beauty already has precise ideas about her dream man, she explains: “I need someone who is crazy and dominant, spontaneous, travels, gives me attention and love.” Above all, when she gets bitchy, she needs someone who can argue with her, “but also gives me a feeling of security.”

Source: celebtap.com