Nikola and Gloria Glumac get closer again! The former Temptation Island candidates split a few months ago, but now they have to pull together separately at Prominent. On the show, there’s a big bang between them – but the ex-couple can’t let go of each other either. Now Niko and Gloria got closer despite mega beef and even kissed!

In the morning, the TV stars got back at each other’s hair because Gloria doesn’t feel supported by her ex. “What just disappointed me was that I was standing down there yesterday, Jakub was yelling at me for over ten minutes and you were standing next to me. […] It’s not manly when another man yells at your ex or wife and you stand by and just look stupid“Screamed the influencer loudly. But the two were able to convince in the next game! That’s how they secured their place and were not allowed to be voted out by the other candidates.

The joy of the triumph made the dispute immediately forgotten. Overjoyed, Niko and Gloria pulled back – and the tattoo model hinted he’d love to kiss his ex. Then the two fell into each other’s arms and kissed! “I thought the kiss was really nice. It was such an old, familiar feeling,” Gloria enthused afterwards.