Apparently some followers of Chris Hemsworth (39) and Elsa Pataky (46) can’t laugh at this joke. On Monday, the “Thor” actor shared a snap taken as part of his twins’ birthday Sasha (9) and Tristan (9) had arisen. It shows the actor’s wife pressing the birthday boy’s face into the cake. However, the snapshot, which is actually meant to be funny, does not amuse all fans. become online Chris and Elsa now being criticized for her birthday prank.

Under said Instagram-Picture more and more angry opinions cavort in the comment column. The reason: Some fans find the action of Chris and Elsa anything but amusing. “Why do you two think this is funny?” or “I don’t understand why people put their children’s faces in a cake”, is the criticism on the internet. Some users even describe the couple’s alleged joke as “brutal” and “ridiculous”.

Other followers, on the other hand, cannot understand the excitement of these people. “Violent? It’s a little fun” or “That’s just meant to be funny. They look like they’re having a good time together.”some fans then rush to help to defend the 39-year-old and his loved one.