Maria Menounos (44) gives insights into her inner life. Actually, things could not have gone better for the presenter: after years of unfulfilled desire to have children, she and her partner announced Keven Undergaro (55) that they are expecting their first child with the help of a surrogate mother. But recently she shocked her fans: before the baby news, the beauty developed pancreatic cancer. Now spoke Maria open about this difficult time…

“I […] just started crying because I was like, ‘How can God finally bless me with a baby after ten years and now I’m not going to get to know it?'”explained the 44-year-old in the “today”-Show. She and her husband were “devastated” when they heard the news after months of tests that turned up nothing despite their constant abdominal pain.

Maria Immediately after being diagnosed, she had surgery to remove part of her pancreas, her entire spleen and 17 lymph nodes, as well as a “baby-sized” fibroid on her uterus – and is now officially cancer-free. “I feel so blessed and grateful for the blessing of so many miracles”she gushed at the end.