Iris Klein (55) seems to have finally finished her marriage! The brunette was married to Peter Klein (56) for twenty years. For many, the two were considered a real dream couple, but then the shock: After rumors about foreigners around Peter and Yvonne Woelke (41) had made the rounds, the couple went their separate ways. This was followed by a week-long public mud fight with accusations and digs. Iris has now announced that she has already disposed of her wedding ring.

In your Instagram-Story showed the reality star with a ring on her finger. A curious follower then wanted to know why Iris hadn’t thrown away her alleged wedding ring long ago. But she made it clear: “So did I. I bought this new ring myself.” Her fan seemed delighted and responded with: “Bravo.”

Only recently did the rumor circulate that Iris was too stingy to divorce her husband Peter. An insider chatted in the Pictureshow “Carrot & Stick” that the mom of two is waiting for Peter to file for divorce. Iris has already made it clear that she no longer wants to be married to her ex.