Justin Bieber (29) praises his colleague despite angry fans! Frank Ocean (35) had the honor of completing the third day as a headliner at this year’s Coachella festival. Since this was his first appearance since 2017, his fans had been waiting for him eagerly. But after his show, the singer had to take harsh criticism online. He is said to have appeared about an hour late, seemed unprepared and ended the performance early. Nevertheless, the musician was able to inspire at least one viewer: Justin Bieber raves about it online franks Coachella-Performance!

The “Boyfriend” singer attended the music festival with his wife and didn’t want to miss the long-awaited concert. On Instagram he shares a snap of the stage and writes: “The Coachella-appearance of Frank Ocean blew my mind. His artistry is simply second to none, his style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail…” While other social media users franks Show as “garbage” can justin cannot praise him enough – his music must have triggered something in the 29-year-old. He says he was “deeply moved” and was also able to find new inspiration: “He made me want to keep going and wanting to improve as an artist. He continues to raise the bar and gave me an evening I will never forget! Thanks Frank.”

While there is still conflict on the net about the performance, many fans are also looking for an explanation for the course of the evening. Several sources have since reported that an injury was the reason for franks should be a half-baked concert. After a fall from the bike you had to change your entire program at short notice.

Source: celebtap.com