Is there a “Summer of Love” for Shawn Mendes (24) and Camila Cabello (26) in sight? The “Señorita” singers separated in November 2021 after two years of relationship. Now the former dream couple has been heating up rumors of a love comeback at the Coachella Festival with kissing photos and videos that have gone viral. The two are said to be very happy to be spending time together again after the kissing alert!

An insider told Opposite Peoplethat the 24-year-old and the 26-year-old continued to spend time together after returning to Los Angeles. On April 19, the two were spotted holding hands while walking together in the Venice district. “It’s just the two of them. They go for walks during the day and have casual dinners at night. They are very sweet, constantly holding hands and laughing. They seem very happy to be back together.”the insider explained.

The brunette also appeared in a sample of her new song June Gloom Instagram seemingly alluding to their Coachella encounter: “How come you’re just so much better? […] Are you coming to Coachella? […] When you come baby I won’t think of anything else”, sings the beauty in the track. The managements of shawn and Camila have not yet commented on their reunion.