Why isn’t she called Fischer again? Cathy Hummels (35) became known as the wife of Mats Hummels (34). The beauty had always supported the kicker in his games – until their separation. The divorce was finalized last December. Nevertheless, the moderator did not change her last name and received a lot of criticism online. But now she explains: Cathy keeps Mats‘ Surnames “for love”!

How The South German reports, the entrepreneur addressed this at the OMR in Hamburg and emphasized: Cathy actually don’t be keen on her ex-husband’s name! “But I was concerned about my son”, she clarified and explained: It was a decision “out of love”. Here, too, she is likely to refer to her son Ludwig – and not to Mats.

Although Cathy Always emphasizing that she wants to maintain a harmonious relationship with her ex, she sometimes allows herself a dig at her Mats. So she criticized the speed of the footballer in a humorous way. At Ludwig’s milk teeth party with the motto monster, she said: “One monster looks like dad, it’s just faster, but that’s not difficult.”

Source: celebtap.com