Will they even become friends now? Hailey Bieber (26) is married to Selena Gomez’s (30) ex, singer Justin Bieber (29). But some fans probably don’t want to admit that and think that Disney fame is the true love of the “Peaches” interpreter. That is why all three parties are followed at every step – including on social media. So voices were raised that Hailey public about selena would blaspheme. The model then received hate messages – the singer surprisingly protected her. Now is approaching Hailey selena further on.

Anyone take a close look at Selenas latest Instagram-Posting throws, sees: Hailey liked the bikini pic of the “Calm Down” interpreter! The news came after the two ladies followed each other on the image platform. What exactly happened behind the scenes is not known. But the brunette showed solidarity with the new one of her ex-partner.

“Hailey texted me that she’s getting death threats and a lot of negativity. That’s not what I stand for.”it said Selenas Profile. Apparently asked Hailey her for help. The only one who hasn’t commented on the whole thing is justin self.

Source: celebtap.com