Olivia Wilde (39) seems angry! After about two years, the actress and her ex Harry Styles (29) decided to go their separate ways last November. A few months after leaving, the singer was caught kissing Emily Ratajkowski (31). In an interview, the runway beauty explained that that’s why she met each other Olivia “feel bad” – after all, the two women had been friends for years. But Emilys statement seems Olivia only to infuriate more!

An insider suggested that mail online at: “Emily shouldn’t feel bad about it Olivia. She should reconsider her dating life and the men she is dating. Emily should really focus on being a mom.” Also, the source added that Olivia wants the 31-year-old “not to say her name”.

Emily himself already claimed that the two because of Harry would not have argued, which the informant also confirmed – but the 39-year-old should feel “betrayed” by the model. “They didn’t have a confrontation because Olivia not with me since Emily spoke. She cheated on her and broke the girl code”it is also said.

Source: celebtap.com