Ikke Hip Gold (46) does not give up! The hit star took part in the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest this year. That didn’t work out for the “The Gherkin Comes In” singer – he was defeated by Lord of the Lost. Nevertheless, he made it clear that he wanted to compete again next year. Ikke but does not want to start for Germany!

“Of course I have a plan B: I’ll start 99.65 percent for San Marino!” he reported in the “33 minutes”-Podcast. “Why not, they have twelve inhabitants”, laughed Ballermann-Star. His first state visit is planned for the near future. “I’m going there with a delegation and I’ll be presenting our song for next year there. In Italian!” Ikke and giggled happily: “It will definitely hurt if I bring the thing to Germany for San Marino!”

Peter Urban (74), on the other hand, believes less Ikkes Success at the ESC. The commentator of the music show is happy that the Mallorca singer is not competing for Germany: “He would have noticed, but negatively. This is the kind of music that Europe is laughing at,” he reported in the celebrity flash-Interview. “I think that would have been a bit embarrassing”the moderator guessed.

Source: celebtap.com