Emily Ratajkowski (31) talks about her dating preferences! The model had made a lot of headlines lately. The reason: she had been spotted again and again with changing male celebrity companions. After the naked snapshot with comedian Eric André (39), she was even photographed wildly snogging with Harry Styles (29). In a podcast, Emrata now talks about her preferences and no-gos when it comes to dating!

In her podcast “High Low with EmRata” the mother of a son chats openly about what really annoys her: when men expect her to take care of them! “I don’t want to have to work for anyone or do anything for anyone that I don’t want to do,” she clarifies, adding that she actually enjoys it when guys want to know more about her. “I like it when guys ask me what I’m interested in because I’m used to guys thinking […] there would be nothing more for them to learn”she explains further.

Whether they with Harry met the right person? After all, the catwalk beauty and the singer are said to have known each other for quite a while. “They’ve both been surprised that they’ve been photographed now, but they’re not hiding. They’ve spent a lot of time together off-camera this year, though Harry wasn’t at performances”an insider confirmed The Sunafter the kissing shot of the two went around the world.

Source: celebtap.com