She is overjoyed! Oksana Kolenitchenko (35) struggled with health problems for years. The nerve-wracking search for the cause of her symptoms came to an end last June: the Goodbye Germany emigrant was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. The mother of two refrained from taking medication during her recovery process. Share now Oksana proud and overjoyed: She is cured of her illness!

“And today – with the final blood values ​​​​in hand, a milestone has been reached,” writes the 35-year-old under her emotional contribution Instagram. Her doctor confirmed what the former DSDS participant had already suspected: “Ms. Kolenitchenko, you don’t have an autoimmune reaction, your blood values ​​are completely normal, you no longer have Hashimoto’s”, he is said to have said to the singer. She also states that changing her diet and working on her work-life balance has healed her body – for which she thanked her Oksana with their community, which gave them the idea in the first place.

After her shock diagnosis shared last year Oksana on Instagram a photo that she shows together with her offspring at their kindergarten graduation party. With hat and robe, the five-year-old beams into the camera – a reassuring sight for the mother: “At a time that isn’t easy for me, it really helps me to take my mind off things and focus on what’s most important to me: my children!”she wrote about the recording.