The concert dates are set! Helene Fischer (38) announced a few weeks ago that she had to postpone her “Rausch” tour, which was supposed to take place from March to October. The “roller coaster” interpreter explained that the reason for the transfer was that she had sustained a rib fracture. Your fans were disappointed, but showed insight – and now they can be happy because: The date of the start of the “Rausch” tour has been announced!

The organizer Live nation provided clarity. The long awaited series of concerts Helene begins on April 11 in Hamburg and will then be continued in the cities of Dortmund, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Oberhausen and Berlin. It is very important to the Schlager icon that all tickets purchased by the fans remain valid and that the concertgoers are not the ones who suffer because the “Herzbeben” interpreter had to postpone her tour.

Recently there was speculation as to whether the tour could even start in April. A sports doctor finally described: “It takes about four to six weeks before the bone is solid again.” The doctor made it clear that the recovery time varies from patient to patient and each injured person must decide for themselves whether the pain can be endured.