What about Jamie Foxx (55)? In April, the actor was hospitalized due to a medical emergency. What exactly happened to the Hollywood star is unclear. The 55-year-old is said to have narrowly escaped death. His daughter Corinne Foxx (29) recently clarified that her father had long since left the clinic. But it’s very healthy jamie apparently not yet: He’s in rehab.

How TMZ found out, will jamie currently being treated at a facility in Chicago. The facility is said to be the best center for medical rehabilitation in the United States. His family should not leave the Oscar winner’s side. Shouldn’t be until Saturday jamies family, including his daughters corinne and Anelise to have visited him.

The center is said to specialize in strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries and cancer. Since the end of April jamie located at the Chicago facility. He was previously treated at a clinic in Atlanta. It is said from his closest circle that jamie “recovered well”.

Source: celebtap.com