Jasmin Tawil (40) has German soil under her feet again! The former GZSZ star has been causing a lot of fuss for a few days. The actress was arrested in her adopted homeland of Costa Rica. She then spent a few days in a psychiatric institution. After another arrest due to the lack of a valid residence permit, the mother of a son was threatened with deportation: As is now known, is jasmine now back in Germany!

In an interview with RTL the 40-year-old comments on her deportation. “I’m completely exhausted. But I’m also very relieved to have arrived safely in Germany.”, reveals the musician. You have realized that you have no future in Costa Rica. The trip to Germany had to jasmine compete without their three-year-old son Ocean. He is probably still in a home at the moment. However, the singer wants to change that as soon as possible and bring her child to Germany.

Her father Michael Weber is already in contact with the relevant authorities. “I applied for guardianship at the central family court in Berlin,” he said RTL price. It could take up to six months for his application to be approved. But Michael don’t give up hope. “Together we will find a solution to get Ocean out of there faster than expected. That means: In a few weeks Ocean could leave the home in Costa Rica.”he is positive.

Source: celebtap.com