Sharon Battiste (31) and Christian Polanc (44) danced it out last week at Let’s Dance. Together they fought every Friday for the title “Dancing Star 2023”. Now the ex-Bachelorette had to give up her dream of victory shortly before the final and leave the show with her professional dancer. Now get in touch Christian for the first time after his and Sharon’s Resignation to speak!

“The first two days were very strange,” the dancer gives up Instagram to. He is still used to training for the upcoming show throughout the week. The same applies to the fact that “the pressure is gone and falls off you”. Similar to Sharon also have Christian had a premonition that it couldn’t be enough for her that evening. “We both had a feeling that it would definitely be difficult that day and that there was a chance that it could be over.”explains the dance coach.

How Sharon in the context of “Let’s Dance – the official podcast” revealed that she had already seen her departure from the show coming during the show. “I started dancing and I knew: This is my last dance!”the actress openly admitted.