These two reality stars were almost at each other’s throats! Max Bornmann became known through his participation in the dome show Make Love, Fake Love. There, the man who was taken at the time fought for the heart of TV personality Yeliz Koc (29), causing bewilderment. However, in the final, Yeliz chose single Jannik Kontalis, with whom she is now in a relationship. Now Max revealed that there was a violent argument between him and Jannik after the show!

In the current episode of the podcast “Aftershow – Make Love, Fake Love” told the hottie what happened when celebrating after the show: “I still flirted with Yeliz, even if Jannik was there.” Max also admitted to being very offensive. So the brunette said that she wanted a dessert. The Casanova took this as an opportunity and replied: “Come on, I’m your dessert!” Jannik allegedly did not intervene in the attempt to flirt.

At another meeting, Max spoke to Yeliz. When Jannik wanted to ask something, his girlfriend told him to wait. This reaction made Jannik angry, which is why he grabbed Max’s face. “Then I went outside to calm down,” explained the “Make Love, Fake Love” candidate. A short time later, Jannik is said to have approached him and they went around the corner to clarify the situation.