Sweet news from Michi from Want! The influencer had already expected offspring in 2020. She was supposed to have twins with her partner – but the two fetuses died in the womb. The blonde, the bourgeois Michi Brandl is called, but did not give up hope and is now being rewarded with great luck: Then Michi is pregnant again – and already really round!

On their Instagramprofile, the entrepreneur published a snapshot over the weekend that shows her special circumstances: Overjoyed, she kisses her husband – but the absolute eye-catcher is Michis Belly that bulges significantly! The mother-to-be wrote happily about the photo: “Mom and dad-to-be! Our little Baby Want is coming soon!”

Enthusiastic with their announcement Michi not only the fans, but also their influencer colleagues: Citamaass (35), Nina Schwichtenberg and also Carmen Kroll were happy for her in the comments. Farina Opoku alias Novalanalove (32) also wrote: “I’m melting! I can’t wait!”

Source: celebtap.com