Renata (35) and Valentin Lusin (36) continue to work on their baby wish. The two Let’s Dance professional dancers have been married for almost ten years. They have also had a great wish for a long time: the couple would like to have children. The native Russian canceled her participation in the dance show this year because she was pregnant. But sadly, she suffered a miscarriage. Across from celebrity flash but now Renata reveals that the couple is not giving up hope.

The 35-year-old showed up opposite celebrity flash optimistic: “We’ll keep trying, I’ve had a lot of tests and everything looks good so far.” She is probably in good medical treatment and she and her loved one are just waiting until they get approval from this side: “The doctors said as soon as everything is complete, we can start again and of course we will.”

Actually, the beauty didn’t want to make her pregnancy public that early, but her cancellation for the 16th season of let’s dance had to justify it and didn’t want to lie. This time was not easy for Renata. “Especially after we already knew the embryo had come off and everyone was still congratulating us and asking about my belly. I was kind of embarrassed about my miscarriage.”she gave in Picture-Interview too.