He has to fight after Moonbin’s (✝25) death! On April 19, the South Korean singer was found dead at his home. Why exactly the musician of the boy band Astro died so young currently remains under wraps. According to a statement from the local police, however, it is assumed that he committed suicide. In addition to his sister and fans, many other K-pop stars are also mourning the moonbin knew and loved…

This also includes Bang Chan (25), member of the acclaimed K-pop group Stray Kids. He had moonbin knew him very well and saw him as a close friend – his death takes the “Back Door” interpreter with it a lot. Thus, Chan alias Christopher was not heard from for a few weeks. But now he reported via bubbles with an update from his fans: “I needed some time to recover […] I’ll look at the stars more often now because I’m sure that’s what he would have wanted.” Another statement made it clear how bad he had been in the past few days: “I haven’t eaten anything in the last few days.”

Also moon bins Astro– Colleagues have to cope with this terrible loss first. was for that Cha Eunwoo (26), however, has scarcely been given time. At an event in Thailand just days after his friend’s death, the “Knock” star looked heartbroken. During his performance, he seemed visibly moved and had wet eyes.

Source: celebtap.com